One of the many consequences of any type of cancer is the effect it has on one’s mental health and prostate cancer is no different. The type of treatment offered can play a role in this, which is why it’s so important to have a support group.

Whilst every person diagnosed with prostate cancer has their own journey, they do all share one thing in common; they all have it. 

PROST! can help. We focus on helping men develop a positive mood, through a combined focus on muscle (exercise) and mateship.

Benefits of exercise for prostate cancer

Approach Jo Milios for a statement about the psychological benefits, mood enhancement etc through exercise and physical activity especially in a group setting.

  • Decrease Anxiety
  • Decrease Depressive Systems
  • Decrease Fatigue
  • Increase Quality of Life
  • Increase Perceived Physical Function

Hear from our members

PROST! is fantastic. I enjoy every session- it’s different every time, challenging but most importantly enjoyable. Coffee afterwards is a must for great conversation with newfound mates. I honestly feel so much better physically and mentally being involved with PROST! 
-Ian, member since October 2019

I came back to Australia in 2017 after ongoing prostate cancer treatment overseas.  I was recently retired and had to make new connections, having been away for some time. Then I had to have my prostate removed in early 2018. Surgery is tough; but my recovery was greatly supported by PROST’s  focus on physical and mental health. Today I attend PROST for exercise variety; to make new friends and do new activities; and as a place where I can discuss concerns with supportive men who have been on a similar journey to myself.

-Brendan, member since December 2017