More testimonials from our many members.

Why don’t you come an join us and enjoy the exercise and mateship which leads to a positive outlook whilst on the prostate journey .

Hear from our members

A little while back a group of us from PROST! were having a having a coffee when one of the guys said something that really stuck in my mind. He said that the best thing that happened to him when he got prostate cancer was meeting us. I couldn’t agree more.

There are certainly down sides to cancer but I have learnt that a positive attitude and mixing with like-minded people can really make a difference to men that get this disease. That is what I get from going to the Prost! exercise group every week. The sessions are well run and the exercises are appropriate to our demographic.

I recommend that you join us. You won’t regret it.
-Ken, member since 2013

I love all that PROST! stands for: Muscle, Mateship and Mood. I’ve been a committed member since joining prior to my surgery in December 2013, and a Foundation member of the initial PROST! Committee/Board.

 I enthusiastically advocate for PROST! and the power of the right kind of exercise to help overcome the worst of the side effects of PCa treatments. Unfortunately my diagnosis coincided with the stress of my wife’s decline from a terminal disease, and so I value PROST! very highly for helping me get into the physical and psychological shape I am now. The facilities are good, the instructor is brilliant, the exercise program is appropriate and fun, and the guys attending are great gym-mates.

-Bronte, member since 2013

I started attending this group under the encouragement of Jo in early 2015, before my surgery.

The support network, mateship and especially the supervised exercise groups have been of great benefit to me. My wife has encouraged me to put my work commitment aside and to make sure I have attended all the time as she has seen it’s benefits of the support network I have had.

Being able to develop new friendships along the way and hopefully having been able to offer support to others having the same journey has been great as well.

Highly recommend this program and support if you are on this journey or know somebody who is.

-Bill, member since xxxx

A couple of weeks into my pre surgery consultations with Dr Jo Milios [the doyen of the Pelvic Floor] two and a half years ago, Jo asked me whether I would like to join the PROST! gym group and was able to say ‘No thanks Jo’, I have steadfastly refused to go inside a gym for the last 45 years and can’t imagine starting now”.

Post surgery Jo asked me again about the Gym and I said I would think about it and I did as I waddled around the block in my recovery state.

In July 2019 I took the bit between my teeth and went to my first PROST! gym class. It was a revelation!!! In the period since that wonderful day I have come to thoroughly enjoy each class which are well led by Vian Botma [Exercise Physiologist]. It’s anything but commando style and if you can’t do an exercise don’t do it. More than the exercise though is the fellowship and friendship within the group. And afterwards we go for a coffee and blow any gains made in the gym!!

Give it a try, you won’t regret it!!

-Steve, member since 2019

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer (PCa) in 2013 with a Gleason score of 6 and had a prostatectomy and are now clear of cancer.

I was appointed by PCFA that same year as Support Group Leader for Prost! The role of a Support Group Leader is many faceted, chiefly as a point of contact for members and prospective members, and to disseminate information received from PCFA to Prost!

I also served on several PCFA State and National committees: National Support and Community Outreach Committee; the review of the Survivorship Essentials. Along with others was instrumental in arranging the Prost Exercise Videos, which PCFA has funded to distribute them to all 117 Support Groups across Australia.

I have served on the Prost! Committee as Secretary for two years and Chairperson for 3 years.

I can be contacted on Mobile 0407 886 823 or email supportgroupleader@prost.com.au

-Ross, member since 2013