Welcome to PROST!

We aim to create an environment where male health issues are prioritised, recognised and practised with respect, compassion and encouragement. 

We are committed to serving men in their quest for better health, through our focus on enhancing Muscle, Mateship and Mood.

PROST! is the first community-based not-for-profit exercise program of its kind in the world, which features:

  • A professional exercise training and support program
  • Assistance with continence and erectile function recovery before and after prostate surgery
  • Whole of body focus including pelvic floor muscle training, weight resistance work, cardiovascular training, Pilates and Yoga techniques
  • Qualified Exercise Physiologists & Physiotherapists at gyms and football clubs in Perth
  • A flexible structure, allowing it to operate in any location

Founded by leading men’s health physiotherapist Dr Jo Milios (PhD), PROST! aims to educate, inspire and support men in their experiences with prostate cancer.

Our fully guided, evidence-based group exercise program is specifically designed to help improve the outcomes of men preparing for or recovering from prostate cancer. 

Our exercises focus on general muscle conditioning as well as pelvic floor muscle strengthing, which is particularly beneficial for recovery before and after treatment.

The focus on mateship is an important part of what we do here at PROST! The supportive and light-hearted environment allows men to develop their own support network and have some fun with others who understand what they’re dealing with.

The PROST! Coffee Club and Cycling Group are a great way to stay socially active and make some great mates.

One of the many consequences of any type of cancer is the effect it has on one’s mental health and prostate cancer is no different. The type of treatment offered can play a role in this, which is why it’s so important to have a support group.

We focus on helping men develop a positive mood, through a combined focus on muscle (exercise) and mateship.


To educate, inspire and support men in their experiences with prostate cancer, chronic pelvic pain and incontinence and sexual health disorders through high-quality clinical care, continuing research, community outreach and tailored evidence-based group exercise physiotherapy programs.

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