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PROST Exercise 4 Prostate Cancer Inc.

Muscle Mateship Mood

The PROST! program focuses on Muscle Mateship Mood. It is a holistic approach where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Muscle being the evidenced-based group exercise sessions. Mateship generated through the experiences and companionship of men going through the prostate cancer journey. And Mood is the sum of the Muscle and Mateship which assists in overall health and improvement in mental wellbeing through our prostate cancer support.

These three components are what PROST! is all about. Helping men in their fight to overcome the effects of being diagnosed with and treated for prostate cancer.


Exercise is medicine. It tones the muscles throughout the body including the brain to assist in coping with the effects of pre and post prostate cancer treatment.

There are numerous studies to prove this is the case. Men who have been members of PROST! for many years mostly attend 2 sessions a week. Their main reason for ongoing attendance is the benefit they obtain from the evidence-based group exercise sessions. For more information view some of the research on the Benefits of Exercise.

Any man who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer at any time in his life is welcome to join our prostate cancer evidence-based group exercise program.

We offer 12 prostate cancer gym sessions per week across five different venues, all guided by specially trained exercise physiologists.

Sessions include:

  • Thorough flexibility and warm-up exercises led by professional exercise physiologists. 

  • Pelvic floor exercises, which are a vital component of restoring and improving continence and erectile function. 

  • Strength conditioning and weight resistance training to improve overall strength and vitality.

For more information refer to locations below.

Online exercise resources now available

Check out our Shop page for our online resources available for any man, health practitioner or support group leader to access for immediate implementation.

This includes:
A complete exercise program with detailed manuals
A variety of exercise approaches, including cardio, free weights, Pilates and yoga
Clinician’s Resources, with published papers exploring the role of pelvic floor muscle training for the resolution of urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction.


The focus on mateship is an important part of being a prostate cancer support group and what we do here at PROST!

The supportive and light-hearted environment allows men to develop their own support network and to enjoy each other’s company at our prostate cancer group.

Each member understands what others are dealing with.

PROST! Coffee Club

If you feel like chatting with other blokes dealing with prostate cancer or treatment, or happy to talk about other topical issues you are welcome to come down to the PROST! Coffee Club. Join us any time, all are welcome to get involved with our prostate cancer support group!

Email to let us know the session and time nearest to the location you would like to attend so as we can make you feel welcome at our prostate cancer support group.

For more information refer to the locations below.

PROST! Cycling Group

Join our Friday morning cycling rides around Perth and enjoy the great health and social benefits of fresh air and exercise with some mates.

We cover around 50km at a comfortable pace designed to leave no one behind, or there are shorter rides too. Either way, you’ll quickly find form and fit right in.

We also meet for regular group dinners and partners are welcome to join!

Discuss joining the group with either Danny or Brendan over a coffee after a prostate cancer gym session.


One of the many consequences of any type of cancer is the effect it has on one’s mental health and prostate cancer is no different.

The type of treatment offered can play a role in this, which is why it’s so important to have a prostate cancer support group.

Whilst every person diagnosed with prostate cancer has their own journey, they do all share one thing in common; they all have it.

PROST! can help. We focus on helping men develop a positive mood, through a combined focus on muscle (exercise) and mateship in our prostate cancer support group in Perth.

The holistic approach with Muscle Mateship Mood especially in a prostate cancer group setting assists in:

I came back to Australia in 2017 after ongoing prostate cancer treatment overseas. I was recently retired and had to make new connections, having been away for some time. Then I had to have my prostate removed in early 2018.

Surgery is tough; but my recovery was greatly supported by PROST’s focus on physical and mental health.

Today I attend PROST! for prostate cancer exercise variety; to make new friends and do new activities; and as a place where I can discuss concerns with supportive men who have been on a similar journey to myself.

Brendan, member since 2017


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