The Benefits of Exercise

It has been established with men with PCA, even when undertaking androgen deprivation (hormone therapy) that a combination of high-load resistance exercise and 20 min of aerobic exercise, 3 times a week, can:

  1. Both preserve and increase strength, muscle mass and reduce fat, even if the men are simultaneously undergoing radiotherapy [1].
  2. Reduce physiological distress and improve social functioning [2].
  3. Improve sexual function [2,3].
  4. Reduce fatigue [2,4].
  5. Help preserve bone strength and density (necessary against osteoporosis) [5].
  6. Be safely performed during radiotherapy, androgen deprivation, even in the presence of bone metastases [6].
  7. Can help preserve improve muscle and physical performance when performed prior to prostatectomy [7].


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