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Welcome to Prost News – your trusted hub for our Prostate Cancer Support Group in Perth. On this page, you’ll find invaluable resources, heartwarming success stories, and the latest updates on our ongoing initiatives to support individuals and families affected by prostate cancer.

Prost News is dedicated to fostering a compassionate community, providing essential information on treatment advancements, and sharing expert insights for managing this challenging journey. Discover inspiring events, fundraising efforts, and opportunities to connect with others who share your experiences.

Join us as we stand together, empowering one another in the battle against prostate cancer.

Provided below are articles on PROST! our Prostate Cancer Support Group and prostate cancer which we believe may be of interest.

PROST! article in The West Australian 31 August 2022 (Newspaper edition)

PROST! article in The West Australian 31 August 2022 (Online edition)

The Australian Magazine 30-31 July 2022 – Farewell old Friend

The Weekend Australian 27-28 August 2022 – Men get the zing back into their lives

The Australian Magazine 13-14 August 2022 – letters to the editor

Press Release Letters to the Editor – The West Australian – Unpublished

Press Release Letters to the Editor – The Australian Newspaper

Press release 4 September 2022 Taking PROST! to the People

The Senior News – 1 October 2022 – Men not alone after prostate surgery

Perth Now Joondalup 6 October 2022 – Men’s Prostate Recovery


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