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PROST Exercise 4 Prostate Cancer Inc.

TENA Brand Mens Washable Protective Boxer

An opportunity exists for members to purchase this product from PROST! for a reduced cost of $24.50, a 30% reduction on the normal retail price of $35 each. 

There is limited supply across sizes  S (32"), M (34"), L (36") and XL (38") on a first come, first served basis.  Please complete the form below to order yours today! There is a limit of 2 pairs per member. ‚Äč 

Refer to this website for further information on the product.

Numerous PROST! members are now wearing the product and highly recommend it - on the proviso if you are a "light leaker".  The advantage is the boxers look like and feel like ordinary boxers, and are washable thereby being good for the environment by not having to dispose of conventional throw-away pads and plastic wrappers. 

PROST! was generously donated $1,000 worth of this product by TENA to sell at a discount to our members following the good efforts of PROST! member and former Board member Ross Campbell.  Ross had previously bared his body for a photoshoot when asked by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia to model the product in 2021 for the initial TENA advertising campaign.

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